Hammocking in the Algarve


I recently visited the south of Portugal with a friend for a camping holiday. We hired a little car and went on an adventure climbing up some of the mountains and seeing what there was to explore. My highlight from the trip was definitely watching the sunset on the most western part of Portugal while cooking fish (seasoned with lemons) on a little camping stove by the sea but there were many others managed to squeeze in some hammocking too.wpid-wp-1468447343380.jpg

Did you know that cork comes from trees! (I mean its pretty obvious right) I’d never seen a tree that had had its cork harvested from it till I visited Portugal so I guess I hadn’t really thought about it. I was so confused why so many of the trees were half covered in bark till the lady who owned the campsite explained where cork came from. Apparently its harvested every 9 years in the summer months. Portugal produces something like 34% of all the cork in the world so as you can imagine there were plenty of trees and so its perfect for hammocking, the scenery is gorgeous too.


Oh and we met a lady who keeps alpacas and she let us have a cuddle with them.wpid-wp-1468447423754.jpg

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