Hammock Hobbies


There are many things to be done while hammocking such as reading, writing, listening to music and drawing. My personal favourite hammock hobby is knitting.

‘What is a twenty something doing knitting?’ I hear you ask well, there are many good reasons to pick up some knitting needles, when I was in school one of the support teachers ran a knitting club for stress and anger management which I joined. My gran had taught me to knit when I was very young but I’d never explored it beyond a few knitted squares and at most a scarf.

When I went to university there was a girl in my tutor group who knitted, her house is full of beautiful creations she’s knitted and she inspired me to pick up my needles and knit in lectures with her,. There was even a local library that ran knitting group on Monday nights where I met people who were knitting blankets for charities, baby booties for great grandchildren and an arts student experimenting with knitting crisp packets. My own mother knits and we get the odd knitted Christmas present when she’s not busy knitting for seafarers (read more). Its not just knitting that has its benefits, I recently came across a burly lad who for anger management does cross stitches, he’s shown me pictures of some of his work and it really is beautiful.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some knitting needles, grab a hammock and get going. I wonder if its possible to knit a hammock! Hobbies are more fun when hammocking. What’s your Hammock hobby?

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