Fixing a Broken Heart (caused by a broken hammock)


A few months ago I made the mistake of hammocking a little too close to a brick wall in a friends garden which was entirely my own fault (just in case he’s reading and still feeling mildly guilty). As you can probably guess large amounts of friction aren’t the best of friends to poor defenceless hammocks and several small holes appeared in my beloved hammock.  Later that day I spoke to a friend of mine who had a similar issue and yet continued to use his hammock, resulting in him and his girlfriend ending up on the floor with bruised bottoms and a torn hammock strung above them, somewhat confused about what had just happened.  I panicked and thought this could be the end of my Hammocking days, luckily it was not. image

I began searching ways of fixing hammocks and came across this rather useful youtube video. In the video he repairs a tarpaulin but its pretty similar and uses the same materials. I bought the materials needed off amazon pleasantly surprised by how cheap they were (I think it cost around £3) The kit came with some more instructions and I set out repairing my Hammock. Here’s a short guide to what I did (although you could just watch the youtube video).


scissors, broken hammock, flat surface, hammock repair kit, ruler


Measure the hole in your hammock then cut a rectangular piece of repair kit that extends at least one inch beyond the size of the hole. Round off the edges of this rectangle. Place the hammock on a flat surface so the part you are attempting to fix has no creases in it. Peel back a small amount of the repair kit sheet place it over your hammock so that the hole is in the middle of the square. Smoothe the repair piece over the hammock with one hand while peeling back the sheet with the other to avoid any creases (a bit like attaching sticky back plastic to an exercise book if you ever had to do that in school). Make sure it is well adhered to the hammock by using a finger to rub it along all the edges. Repeat on underside of hammock and on any other holes. ET VOILA one fixed hammock.

I was a bit apprehensive as to how well the repair kit had worked so I waited till evening time and tried it out in my local park under the cover of darkness, that way if I fell miserably to the ground no one would see yet if I was hurt I could scream for help. IT WORKED I wasn’t on my arse in the grass! It’s worth saying at this point that the kit only works for holes of 3″ or less so if your hole is bigger than that you could still end up face down in a puddle of mud. After a successful solo attempt I roped in an unsuspecting friend to get in it with me, after all it is a doublenest, and surprise surprise the repair kit lived up to standard, and three months later my hammock is still surviving to fight another day. I will never again hammock close to any brick walls.

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