Introducing my hammock


My hammock is an Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) charcoal/red doublenest hammock


weight: 19oz

material: Nylon

dimensions: (L x W) 9′ 4″ x 6′ 2″ and folded up: (Dia x L) 4″ x 5″

maximum capacity: 400lb (181kg)

more details available from

I love ENO hammocks and find them comfortable and dead easy to set up. The only thing I changed about mine was the carabiners. I broke the original ENO ones by playing too roughly one summers evening but it was pretty easy and cheap to buy some screw ones from a local outdoors shop.

I recently bought my friend an ENO singlenest hammock, these are great for lazing about in the park on a sunny day but a bit snug for hammock camping or sharing with other people. I can easily fit 3 people in my hammock but when alone I love the feeling of being able to close my hammock over the top of me and shut out the world as I snooze especially on a sunny day.

I bought my friend some ENO slapstraps too which while camping found out were considerably longer than mineĀ (9’4″ as opposed to 7’4″). I’d definitely recommend getting the longer of the two especially if you live in England where trees appear to be just too wide apart for short straps or have huge trunks as it makes it much easier to find compatible trees.

2 thoughts on “Introducing my hammock

  1. You should be able to do that. I ve bought hammocks and removed spreader bars in the past. Now, I just make my own hammocks. It s easy to do if you can find a good strong piece of fabric and have a little bit of knowledge about tying knots.

    1. Hi,
      What kind of fabric would you recommend? I’m interested in the idea of making my own hammock with or without spreaders and maybe writing a blog about it afterwards.

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